World's Finest Footwear

Hello, my fellow shoe lovers!

We are very excited about a new brand that we are carrying at Gentry’s Footwear, Mephisto. This European comfort brand has a long history, dating back to 1965 in Sarrebourg, France. The founder of Mephisto, Mr. Michael Michaeli, strived to create the World’s Finest Footwear. Needless to say, he has succeeded. Mephisto footwear features several qualities that outshine many footwear brands including premium leathers and materials, Soft-Air technology, and a construction that lasts for the long run. 
Mephisto’s Soft-Air technology system is the core of their footwear. This system minimizes shock while walking, resulting in reduced pressure on the joints and the spine. Mephisto footwear provides a healthy environment for your feet, allowing for all day comfort.
​We are currently carrying a variety of Mephisto sandals and look forward to you experiencing the worlds finest footwear!

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