What is an essential worker? We all know them. They're the hardworking laborers that have kept our country afloat the past six months. They're the often unseen, underrated, and thankless. They have families just like you and me. They put themselves on the line every day delivering us food, providing us healthcare, keeping our cities clean. They’ve given us so much; now it’s time that we give back. 

Hoka One One has just released, with perfect timing, the brand new Bondi SR. With it’s water resistant leather and slip-resistant outsole it’s the perfect compliment to restaurant workers’ or healthcare workers’ needs. Not to mention a perfectly engineered EVA midsole for plush, all-day cushioning. The Bondi SR is the most cushioned sole in their lineup and is a comfort dream for anyone in the service industry or healthcare field. 

So this month, we are looking for those workers. Nominate someone you know that goes above and beyond the call of duty, that has worked tirelessly for the needs of others throughout these trying times. We’ll be giving away a brand new pair of these Bondi SRs to two special essential workers. Available in sizes for men and women. You can call us, email us, message us on Facebook, or DM on Instagram. Give the gift and thank an essential worker. 

Looking for a pair yourself? They’re now available to shop in-store at Point Ruston now. 

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