Ever seen a pair of Hokas and been curious how they fit? Heard from a friend that they love their Hokas? Well now is your chance to see, feel, and go for a walk in a pair yourself! Join us in-store and meet our Hoka rep! They'll walk you through the science and history behind why these shoes perform so well and are so sought after. You'll be fitted for a pair of one of their most popular options, the Bondi 7 and given time to give them a go! Go for a walk or run around the block and see for yourself that it's #timetofly. 

Recommended by podiatrists, athletes, and celebrities alike, the Bondi 7 offers marshmallow cushion, plush support and the smoothest ride in the game. With sizes and widths available for men and women, they're definitely a crowd pleaser. We will have our Fall and Spring collection available for purchase in-store! Customers that purchase a new pair of Hokas receive some exclusive Hoka swag gifts!

So mark your calendars and head on over for this event! Friday, March 5 at our Point Ruston - Tacoma store and Saturday, March 6 at our Kent Station store! 11a-1p each day!

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