As we prepare for our Spring selection, we're moving out the old and making room for the new! We're marking down retired styles and offering you sales along the way! When you buy a pair of Altras with us in-store or online, you'll receive a coupon worth $15 for your next visit! 

Altra offers a different level of comfort and agility with their shoes. Whether you're a walker, a runner, or a trail explorer, they have the shoe for you! Available in men's and women's, Altra provides the ultimate in balanced cushioning that promotes natural and optimal alignment for your heel and forefoot, while creating better form and encouraging a low-impact landing. Their innovative foot-shaped toe box allows your big toe to instill the best stability and power for your stance while give the rest of your toes and forefoot the room to move like it naturally should! And did we mention their Fit4Her technology? Catered to a woman's naturally narrower heel and midfoot, a higher instep, and a longer arch for better metatarsal spacing, it's hard to not feel special. Finally a shoe made specifically for women's feet! 

Come in and get fitted by one of our shoe experts today, and feel the difference! Embrace the space with Altra! 

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