Birkenstock: The German Sandal

Birkenstock has been a long sought-after brand for not only decades, but centuries. Once a staple for the traditional hippy, now a fashion piece for top celebrities like Kanye West, Birkenstock has kept foot health at the top of their priorities. The Birkenstock foot bed is complex and encourages the foot to be in natural alignment. The deep heel cup cradles the heel and prevents the foots natural cushioning from being displaced. The longitudinal arch support runs along both sides of the sandal which provides optimal stability while walking. The transverse arch support runs through the middle of the foot bed, encouraging a strong stance. The toe bar in the front of the sandal allows for natural toe gripping while walking. Lastly, the Birkenstock sandal offers a wide toe box which allows the toes to naturally splay and reduces confinement.

Birkenstock sandals and clogs are a must have all year long. They act as a great everyday shoe, as well as a house slipper. We have a great selection of core styles at our Kent Station location. All Birkenstock sales must take place in store.

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