When food insecurities became critical following the pandemic, Kent Rotary combined efforts with Rotarians and Kent Community Partners. We volunteered countless hours and donated more than $31,000 to provide supplies and equipment to facilitate getting fresh food to people in need. This included learning to operate heavy machinery to move pallets of food from the semi-trucks and redistributing them to agencies in more manageable sizes. We manually moved tons of food boxes, secured loads for transport, and worked to connect the fresh food to the community agencies. With Kent being one of the most diverse communities in the country we worked to accommodate the cultural dietary needs of the community. We provided supplies and equipment to keep the fresh food cool during the hot summer and improve refrigeration & freezer capacity at 5 area food banks.

In addition to all the time and energy dedicated to COVID 19 relief, Kent Rotary continues our commitment to other projects including scholarships, international humanitarian projects, and support of invaluable work of local non-profit organizations.

Today Kent Rotary has provided over $1,000,000 in scholarships to deserving Kent students. We continue to recognize Kent students for their hard work in academics and overcoming obstacles to continue on to graduation. Our international humanitarian projects have helped with education in Ethiopia, Brazil and India. We have partnered to rebuild a war torn community in Uganda including drilling water holes. We have also partnered with other Rotarians to bring wheelchairs to people in Peru, not only bring them hope but change the life of the whole family.

Kent Rotary served the community in many additional ways including dictionaries and ethic programs for students, life lessons like the fishing experience, funding for community spaces such as the Rotary Sphere in Downtown Kent’s Town Plaza, Service club ballfields, and basketball court in Upland park, and resource room at the new YMCA and so much more.

These projects were all made possible by generous donations from companies and individuals.

More info here: https://kentrotary.ejoinme.org/escapades2021

Silent Auction: March 1 - 6, 2021
Live Event: March 6, 2021 at 6:00pm (Pre-Show begins at 5:40pm)
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